Gilles Apap, violin
Myriam Lafar, accordion
Philippe Noharet, contrabass
Ludovit Kovac, cymbalum

1. Schizoid Whistler (Susy Barrymore's Duet Yourself)

2.3.4. Concerto No. 1 in E (La Primavera RV269)
Allegro (the song of the birds)
Largo (sleeping goatherd
Allegro (rustic dance)

5. Izpupsi-knuci (trad. Bulgarian)

6. Danse Oubliee (Flora Thalassa)

7. Romanian Tune (trad.)

8.9.10.Concerto No. 2 in g minor (L'estate RV315)
Allegro non molto (the cuckoo, the turtledove, the goldfinch)
Adagio (flies and wasps)
Presto (summer's violent weather)

11. Agala Im Susa (Avshalom Cohen)

12. The Heyser Bulgar (trad. Jewish)

13. The Haunted House and Isabelle Blackley (trad. Irish and Scottish jigs)

14. Dowd's Favorite, Otter's Holt, and Mother's Delight (trad. Irish reels)

15.16.17. Concerto No. 3 in F Major (L'autunno RV293)
Allegro (harvest dance and song)
Adagio molto (drunkards dozing)
Allegro (the hunt)

18.19.20. Concerto No. 4 in f minor (L'inverno RV297)
Allegro non molto (horrid wind)
Largo (the rain)
Allegro (on the ice)

21. Lost Indian and Ways of the World (trad. American old-time)